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Park Valkenberg

Originally only for castle residents and their guests, today a bustling meeting place for everyone. Read more below.
Mensen lopen door een park

Park Valkenberg was originally the private garden of Breda Castle. On the grounds were stables and large cages with falcons used for hunting. A stroll in the park was out of the question for "ordinary Breda residents. 

Renaissance Garden

The park was originally a forest with tall trees. But that character disappeared in the 16th century when Hendrik III and Mencía de Mendoza had a Renaissance garden with straight sections laid out. If you look at the flowerbed with Hercules, a replica of one of the statues that once stood in the park, you get a little idea of what such a garden looked like.

For everyone

Since 1812, the park has been open to the public. It grew into a vibrant meeting place for everyone. Students seek out the sun or the shade of the centuries-old trees. Fathers and mothers let their children play in the playground. Until recently there were chickens in the park, but they were removed because of bird flu.



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