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Mastbos en Liesbos

The Mastbos and Liesbos form the green lungs of Breda
Een bos met veel groen en in het midden een weg om op te lopen

Mastbos en Liesbos

Time and again the name of Hendrik III of Nassau pops up in Breda's history. He also had the Mastbos, the oldest production forest in the Netherlands, planted. The straight trunks of the conifers were well suited as masts for shipbuilding. 

Diverse area

The Mastbos is a diverse area with stately beech avenues, fens and heaths. You will find marked hiking trails, a Kabouterpad for small children and a "loose-leash walk" for dog owners. 


The Liesbos is also unique in the Netherlands. It is the largest old forest of summer oaks. The monumental avenues were once created for the noble owners. It allowed them to move quickly and comfortably in their hunting carriages. Near the Liesbos you will find two murals by the Blind Walls Gallery that refer to these hunting parties.

In spring, the soil of the Liesbos is covered with white wood anemones.



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