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Landgoed Bouvigne

Just outside of 't Ginneken lies Bouvigne Castle. Stately, fairy-tale and royal. Read more below.
Het kastel LBouvigne omringd door water en natuur

Landgoed Bouvigne

Walking past Bouvigne Castle, you imagine yourself back in time. Bouvigne Castle dates from the 15th century and is surrounded by three special gardens. There are several works of art on the estate, including those by the famous German artist Stephan Balkenhol.

It is not known exactly how old Bouvigne Castle is. It first appears in 1554 in the will of the owner Jacob van Brecht. In 1614 the castle came into the hands of the princes of Oranje. They showed little interest in Bouvigne and allowed their stewards to live there. The castle was so poorly maintained that it was almost demolished. Fortunately, that didn't happen, or we wouldn't be able to enjoy this beautiful little castle today.

Visit the castle gardens
The three castle gardens in English, French and German styles were laid out between 1913 and the 1930s. Remarkable are the many varieties of fuchsias and the sculpture collection. Since 1973, Brabantse Delta Water Board has been the owner of this country estate.

This beautiful estate is well worth a visit. The gardens are freely accessible during office hours. The castle itself you can only visit during open days.



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