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Kasteel van Breda

In the middle of the city center of Breda you will find the Dutch ancestral home of the Nassaus. Read more below.
Twee mensen bekijken een informatiebord voor het kasteel van Breda

Kasteel van Breda

The history of Breda Castle dates back to the 12th century. At that time a defensive fortress stood on that site. Lord of Breda Jan Polanen turned it into a real castle, with towers and a moat. He gave it as a gift to his daughter Johanna on her marriage to Count Engelbrecht van Nassau. 


For the following centuries, the castle was the center of Breda. The Nassaus, who became increasingly important, received princes, artists and scholars. The lavish feasts and banquets were known far beyond Brabant. 


Breda Castle has been rebuilt many times over the centuries. Count Hendrik III of Nassau and his Spanish wife Mencía de Mendoza made the most spectacular changes. They commissioned Italian painter and architect Tomasso Vincidor in the sixteenth century to turn the castle into a palace. Thus they brought the Renaissance from Italy and Spain to the Netherlands.  

Royal Military Academy

In 1826, King William I decided to establish the Royal Military Academy at the Castle. During the renovation, much of the dilapidated Castle lost much of its Renaissance appearance. The corner towers were flattened and the decorated dormers gave way to an additional floor. Today, about 700 cadets and trainees are trained at the Castle to become officers for the Army, Air Force and Military Police.  


The grounds of Breda Castle can only be visited during guided tours by Gilde de Baronie.



Boschstraat 22
4811 GH, Breda
+31 76529 99

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