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De Nassaus van Breda

Take a time travel through three centuries of history. Read more below.

Stedelijk Museum Breda

Een beeld van de tentoonstelling 'De Nassaus van Breda' in het Stedelijk Museum Breda

'The Nassaus of Breda' - Castle, city and country

'The Nassaus of Breda' is Stedelijk Museum Breda's new multimedia permanent exhibition. Historical objects and art from its own collection, loans and the stories behind them, offer a surprising look at the history of the city and the Nassaus.

That Breda's grandeur has everything to do with the intriguing family history of our current royal family is a well-kept secret. Here you will learn all about it: an ancient and at the same time recognizable human story of love, exuberant celebrations, rich and poor, guile, intrigue, struggles and struggle.

Visitors take a time travel through three centuries. It is the period of rise, prosperity and decline of Breda. The presence of the Nassaus secures the city an important place in the Netherlands. Breda becomes a breeding ground for ideas that live on in today's Netherlands.



Boschstraat 22
4811 GH, Breda
+31 76529 99

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